Lil’ Buckaroo

A 30s animation I completed for my VIZA 613 class at Texas A&M’s Viz Lab.

Three Blind Mice

A short animation based on the children’s nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice”.

Character sketches

Character Turntables

Gargoyle Projection

Collaboration with Stephen Aldriedge and Rachel Nhan. This project was projected on and interacted with the side of a building. I was in charge of modeling, rigging, and texturing the character, as well as, animating the shatter of the building at the end.

Photograph taken by Rachen Nhan

In addition to making the rig, I also created the blendshapes.

The Lonely Fire Hydrant

Short animation to practice rigging with deformers, particle systems, and lighting.

Camp Connect

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation that creates a visual metaphor for the audio clip.


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