Tispy Tree Reflections

10 12 2011

Stephen and I had a great time working on this project. It was very rewarding to see all my graphics show up on the phone and the tablet. For the most part we accomplished what we set out to do. We would have liked to output a more completed application, but a lot of steps took longer than expected.

The division of work was great. Stephen handled everything technical, while I focused on creating all the assets (character, tree, interface, etc). Because we started with a brand new narrative, this made for a big work load for each of us. We each basically started from scratch. I think we both enjoyed our roles. I even got to use Unity towards the end. I imported all the interface items and coded them to work correctly.

Almost everyone that played the game was really impressed. Most of them had never seen Augmented Reality. It was great to provide them with their first AR experience, but this also hindered their game play. Because they did’t understand the concept, they were less focused on controlling the raccoon. Most people fell off the tree before they got the hang of keeping the image target within the devices camera view. Despite their lack of success, everyone really liked the graphics and the fact that the game was for 2 players. I believe the idea of a networked game between two devices will become very popular once the technology has been perfected.

User Experience

We would really like to keep working on the app when we find time. There are a lot of things we didn’t get to finish, such as, the raccoon doesn’t respawn after falling off the tree which forces you to restart the game, this causes the life counter not to work. We also had thought about implementing “power-ups”, for example, a rain or lightning move for the wind player. These are simple features we just simply didn’t have time to get too. I would love to develop the app to the point where there are multiple menus, items, possibly even characters to choose from. The Kweekies example that I reference in the documentary video shows the level of completion I would like to achieve, maybe even surpass.

Documentary Video




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