Game Narrative

27 11 2011

After deciding on what our game would consist of (2 players, a platform that tilts, and an augmented character that was trying not to fall off the platform) we still needed to come up with an environment and narrative for the game’s character. We chose a raccoon for the main character. He will be living on the top of a tree, an idea inspired by Stephen’s favorite childhood book” Go Dog, Go!”. This explains each players’ role very well. The player controlling the platform is the wind swaying the tree back and forth. They might even have more “power-ups” such as lighting and rain to help them throw the raccoon off the tree. The play controlling the raccoon will be trying to collect fruits that are growing on the tree while trying not to fall off.

Game interface

Environment – The tree will be stylized so that it has a flat top, creating a platform for the raccoon to run around on.

Character Development –  I sketched out many different raccoons and finally decided on the simplest. He will be small, fat, and round to give the impression that he is not very agile. This will add to the challenge of the game.





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