Conceptual Research

8 11 2011

After further discussing what we wanted our project to be, we decided to incorporate Augmented Reality. Stephen had prior experience with this technology and it was something that an Android phone would be perfect for. I began looking through some previous Augmented Reality projects and found some that were extremely impressive, such as this example made by String.

Although Augmented Reality in itself is a challenge, we still wanted to have an interactive game. I found other projects that use this technique in their games, such as the Kweekies project below. The biggest concern we have with this plan is that every part of the project will need to be as efficient as possible. We will be working with devices that are not nearly as powerful as our laptops and they will be handling a lot of calculations at once.

Stephen was still very excited about getting multiple devices to “talk” to each other, like our original idea would have. For this reason we decided to make a 2 player game that would utilize 2 phones. We decided to make a game that would take advantage of the motion detector in the phone. Mario Party’s Coin Shower Flower mini-game takes place on the top of a giant flower that tilts in different  angles while a character tries to collect coins and tries not to fall off. We want to apply this same concept to our game. One phone will control the angle of the platform while the other phone controls an augmented character running around on top of it.




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