Project 2 Beginnings

4 10 2011

My group, (Rachel, Stephen, and I), found these columns in front of the Administration building to be intriguing. Originally we thought they would provide a great basis for abstract projections that would snake their way up and down each column, etc. As we continued to brainstorm we came to the conclusion that the gaps in between each column really hinder our creativity. We decided to add a sheet of paper or bed sheet behind the columns so that we could add more space to our projection and enlarge the potential of the project. With this extra space, we decided to go a little less abstract. Our idea is to have a stone creature emerge from the framed square and play around the columns. We like the idea of bringing the “boring” stone figures to life. Also, the stone creature thought to have a cold personality will be playful and fun. Both of these ideas contrast with your initial thoughts about the environment.

Sheet behind columns for added projection space

Projector set up

Preliminary environment model

Possible stone creature

Possible stone creature

Initially a relief in stone that emerges from the stone to play around the columns




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