Honey, I Shrunk Something!

25 09 2011

The project is now complete. For the most part we accomplished what we set out to do. The room turned out nicely and the transition between the “big” room and “small” room is fairly smooth. The rooms are just different enough to give you a feel that a change has occurred but it is still obvious that you are in the same room. We could use a different piece of audio for the “small” room though. Although we ran into quite a few problems, the final project only had a couple glitches. The portal back to the “big” room must be entered at just the right spot in order for you to enter the “big” room correctly and at the right speed.

At first when we begun the project we all were working on everything together. Once were able to get our hands on a Kinect we divided up the tasks. My job was to get the Kinect working with Unity while Autumn modeled, and Mike built the Unity scene. The models (and scene) are featured in these screen shots. The code will be discussed in the next post.

When interviewing other people that played our game, we found that they thought it was fun and immersive but they definitely struggeled to learn the controls. When using both your feet and your hand to navigate it is extremely easy to forget about one or the other. When the player conentrated on where the camera was pointed, they didn’t remember to move forward or backward in the space. Also, many times the player would take a step forward a wonder why the camera would start dropping. They didn’t remember to keep their hand at the same height while they moved around.

If we had more time to continue working on this project we would like to develop the story for why you are exploring this bedroom. There would be a more explicit reason to become small and to get large again. Maybe there would be more than just one room that you bounce back and forth between. After you get the hang of navigating with your feet and hand then you could find a portal that takes you to larger spaces and be on a quest to find something fitting at the end of the trail. Also, in order to add more interest, we would like to add animations inside the room. The fan could easily be spinning or the bugs under the dresser could have moving legs. Finally, we would make the navigation a little more forgiving. For example,  if your hand dropped when you moved forward it would know not to drop the camera angle.

Here is a demo of the project:




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