6 09 2011

|What does it mean?|
My group began approaching this project from the standpoint that we wanted to develop our modeling skills. Inspired by Coraline, we decided to create a unique, kid’s bedroom. While brainstorming we thought we could make it more interesting by adding triggers that would change the scale of the viewer. In my mind this completely changed the concept from a simple navigable space to one that sheds light on different points of view. As the viewer switches scale, the exploration of the room grows deeper. Things become visible that weren’t before. What you see is not always the truth. Also, different points of view can easily give birth to different beliefs.

|How does it look?|
Not only is the style of furniture in Coraline intriguing, we also like the color scheme and lighting.

Coraline inspirations

Physical vs. Virtual Space

Preliminary modeling

|How is it navigated?|
Our biggest challenge for this project will definitely be the navigation. We would like to explore through room by using an Xbox Kinect. We’ve found some great information on making this happen. This project uses the Kinect in the same way we aim to: We feel like this will give the viewer the most immersive experience because they will not need to hold anything and there doesn’t need to be any controls shown on the screen.

|How does it work?|

Input will come from the user, through the Kinect to the middle-ware, then to the Unity3d project. The movements of the viewer only need to effect the camera within the Unity 3d project. Because it will be first person, there is no avatar that will respond to these motions. The viewer will see the room just like it would be if they were in it physically.

|What is the story?|

There will be multiple points in the room that will change your scale. For example, when you’r small, walking into a shoe might make you bigger. There will be a marker in these spots so the viewer will know it will change their scale, such as a glowing light.




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